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Carbon Harmony is an exchange participant in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). CCX is North America’s only, and the world’s first, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission registry, reduction and trading system. SEP purchases Carbon Credits on behalf of our clients to offset their CO2 emissions based on our in-house carbon footprint calculations and accepted practices.


Carbon Harmony is a founding member of the The Business Council on Climate Change (BC3). BC3 believes that the climate crisis offers corporate leaders an unprecedented opportunity to shift practices to realize economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social well-being. Our mission is to capitalize on the Bay Area’s entrepreneurial culture to create a thriving economy, while at the same time contributing to public dialogue and positive action on climate change.

Some example projects that eliminate Greenhouse Gases:

  • Methane collection and combustion projects at US dairy farms
  • Reforestation projects in Costa Rica
  • Switching fuels in China