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Special Event Emission Lifecycle

Show your commitment to sustainability by offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions generated by your event. The special event emissions take into account all of the greenhouses gas emissions generated by a special event. Sustainable Energy Partners offers full service carbon neutral solutions. For larger carbon offset projects such as concerts, weddings, parties, trade shows, presentations, or corporate events, we calculate the carbon footprint based on in-house models using standard accepted emissions factors. We then purchase and store the appropriate amount of carbon credits for your event. To establish an event as carbon neutral, SEP takes the following measurements:

Energy use during the event: (Electrical, Natural Gas, Generators etc.)
Fuel consumption for event attendees: (Based on average EPA mileage and average distance expected for attendees. This can be done more precisely via surveys during the event if requested.)
Fuel Emissions for delivery vehicles: (Event equipment, vendors, lighting, etc.)
Fuel Emissions for staff vehicles: (Local and distant staff)
Air travel: (Attendees, event staff, etc…)

*These criteria have been targeted as the primary source of carbon emissions and are the focus of our study. Our calculations are simple and accurate and don’t require a lot of effort on your part. Let us give your event carbon neutral credibility.