Balance the impact of your driving, air travel, and home energy using the lifestyle calculator or purchase the lifestyle passes listed below.

road pass

Cars are a large source of greenhouse gas emissions. Offset your driving.

home pass

The electricity and gas usage at your home and office consume energy. Offset your home energy use.

air pass

Planes use a lot of fuel and most of it gets burned while it taxis to takes off. Offset your air travel.

Home Pass - Offset the emissions of your house

Larger homes require more energy to heat, as well as more electricity to keep lit and buzzing, resulting in greater emissions.  Based on the size of your home, select a carbon offset that suits your lifestyle.

home pass

Offset the emission from your home energy use.

Studio Apartments

Offset 5,000 lbs

Apartments & Small Houses

Offset 11,000 lbs

Standard Houses

Offset 20,000 lbs

Large Houses

Offset 27,000 lbs

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