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Go Beyond Carbon Neutral

Carbon Harmony is a company dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through a net reduction in carbon emissions.  By funding greenhouse gas reducing projects, Carbon Harmony offsets enable long-term sustainable development. Want to learn how a carbon credit works?
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We draw upon industry experts and sustainability consultants to calculate emissions and ensure that calculations are comprehensive.  All offset purchases are regulated by the Chicago Climate Exchange, North America’s regulatory carbon trading platform.

Carbon Calc App

iPhone Carbon Calc App

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Get the Carbon Harmony iPhone Calculator App.
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Lifestyle Calculator


Purchase carbon offsets with the lifestyle calculator. It has a simple interface in order to make the estimation process more enjoyable.
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Concert Emissions Pass

gorge pass

Heading to the Gorge Ampitheater for a summer concert? Offset your next trip to the Gorge.
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Carbon Harmony is taking the fight against global warming up to 11!* Learn more about the concert emissions pass.

Put your carbon emissions on a diet. Drive less. Buy local. Minimize air-conditioning and heating usage in your home. Learn more.

Check out our flat rate emission passes for driving, home energy use and air travel. We also offer custom calculations for businesses, special events, and product lines.

*"Up to eleven" Spinal Tap reference.