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Oracle Open World - Pedal Powered!

Oracle Open World.  Pedal power bicycles.  Energy awareness    

September 22-26 - Oracle Green Room, San Francisco, CA

This year, Oracle dedicated several sessions of its annual OpenWorld conference to the topic of sustainability through several “Green Room” sessions. Sustainable Energy Partners provided Pedal-Power Generated bikes, as part of a forum that discussed energy usage in an attempt to raise awareness on the topic. Sustainable Energy Partners helped Oracle to reduce the footprint of the conference and raise awareness of the carbon emissions that result from simple daily activities such as powering a computer.


An LCD screen ran on power generated by the bikes, as two athletes from 24 Hour Fitness pedaled.

"We have these all set up around the center to connect people to energy, get a feel for how much energy a person can produce while biking, and it also gives people an opportunity to get a little bit of physical fitness in while they're here, which is all too uncommon," said John Humphrey, Chief Technology Officer from Sustainable Energy Partners.

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