The Green Gorge Pass

gorge pass

Cost: $4.00 USD

The Green Gorge Pass

Heading to the Gorge? Esurance and Carbon Harmony have teamed up to present the Green Gorge Pass. For just $4, Carbon Harmony will offset your share of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ensuring that you do a small part for our environment by supporting clean renewable energy investments for the Gorge.

The Green Gorge Pass offsets your share of emissions by 150 percent! Offsetting more emissions than are produced will lead to a net reduction in the atmosphere, and a positive effect on our climate.

Help make a difference in climate change with your Green Gorge Pass!

The Green Gorge Pass offsets:

  • A 400-mile roundtrip
  • Your share of energy used for:
    • An artist's fuel consumption
    • A staff vehicle's fuel consumption

The Gorge
The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington

How does The Green Gorge Pass work?

Your Green Gorge Pass will go towards funding the reduction of GHG emissions on dairy farms. Methane collection and combustion projects convert methane gas from animal waste into clean electricity.

This internationally recognized process offers two benefits: GHG reduction and renewable energy generation. The Chicago Climate Exchange approves the procedures, and verifies that they comply with international standards.

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